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Diane Marviere sat hunched over her desk while idly batting her quill feather at Meddi. The left side of the desk was barren as for the other side sat neat little stacks of paper just waiting to be put away now. The Archivist lets out a loud sigh of boredom as her forehead landed on the desk. Her hat-wearing cat finalized the face-plant by cat-smacking the girl’s head. “Never in my entire career in the Argentum Legion has there ever been a… a drought of paperwork. These are just measly recruitment papers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave because we’re getting so LAAAZY.” Diane fakes a long sob while leaning back in her chair. Her quill floats and dances around in the air then she locks her gaze on Meddi.

“I’m gonna try to get our old place in Howling Fjord back. Instead of… of being cramped up in HERE.” ‘Here’ was a small rented-out room somewhere in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind. The room was dimly lit by lamps with bookshelves along every inch of wall. Hell, there were even bookshelves on the ceiling. “If we don’t do that soon I’m going to drown in paper. If that happens I’m going to frame you.” Diane squints at Meddi who responds by slapping the mage across the face. She groans, continuing her rant to a cat, “And Miss Caleigh doesn’t stop by anymore- well, she does. But not for lo-” Diane pales. “I forgot that Miss Tia stripped her of Officer. I wonder how she’s taking that.” She rubs her chin. “I wonder if I can become Officer…”

After a few minutes of wondering Diane takes another few minutes to place the archived papers away then plops herself down in her chair again. “-I also wonder where Miss Tia is. I don’t care if she’s a bully, she’s the reason of much paperwork. I also wonder where Miss Shaalara is. I mean, she’s the Keeper for crying out loud.” Diane cries out loud briefly. “And Mister Hector off on his quest to disappear again- OH WAIT.” She huffs and lightly flicks at the dancing quill then blinks her eyes. “… Where’s Dyna? That, Meddi, is the most important wonderment of all. I hardly see her anymore…” Diane digs through her pocket then pulls out a blue book. The ribbon hanging out of the bottom was glowing which seemed to make her furious.

“I set you on vibrate, NOT GLOW!” Diane smacks the book and not to her surprise the book lifts itself and crashes dead-on to the mage’s face. A small crunch sounds within the tiny room then Diane doubles over, holding her nose. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry…” Freeing a hand she pets the book tenderly, whispering muffled apologies. “You can glow all you want. As long as you let me write to Dyna.” The book lowers itself onto her desk again and flips open to a page with writing in it. After stuffing her nose with bits of cloth Diane reads over Dyna’s writing. “She left?!- Wait, no, I was eavesdropping her the other day. Ohh, this was a month ago, okay. … Ooo, she wants to go on an adventure.” Diane stands, knocking her chair over and her quill stands at attention as she begins to pace the room while speaking. Her quill scribbles down her words on the opposite page in the book.

Hi Dyna!

Sorry I didn’t write back sooner! I would’ve but- uh… Yeah, I would’ve.
The book had fluttered it pages threateningly. Diane continues.
You gotta tell me what you did while you were gone! And I know you’re back now. I was sitting behind you for an hour while you were talking about honor n’ stuff with this other armored guy behind the Cathedral. … I forgot to say hi. Anywho! Neither Edd nor Shalaara have contacted me. But then again I haven’t been around Stormwind much. But then again no one has seen Miss Shalaara. -Or Miss Tia on that matter. Have you seen her? Because, you two are pals, right? You should tell me because there’s not much going on in the Argentum Legion and we need her. And were you talking about Vice, the big puppy? He, Miss Raleigh, and I were supposed to go on an adventure but… I dunno. Never happened. I think that’s my fault. I need to stop solo-adventuring- oh wait, I have Meddi. BUT STILL. Hrn, I’m just so bored lately. And I really miss you. To pass the time all I do is throw glass that I melt together off of Dun Morogh’s mountains. It may just be just as fun as playing in the snow- like that one time, remember? We should do that again. Oh! And I would LOVE to kill undead with you!  They stink and are mean and just need to die. Yeah… Hey, where are you now? ‘Cause we need to go places and do things. Write back and I swear I’ll respond right away! I’ll check every day!


Her name seemed to glow and sparkle a spectrum of many colors. It probably wouldn’t stop anytime soon either.


Diane Wonderland

((Note: My typing is -very- rusty. I just had to get the stories down as best as I could.))


A large, old willow tree sat in the middle of a tall-grass plain that stretched as far as the eye could see. The sun rested on the horizon to the east- forever stuck in its rise. And there’s the moon to the west, also frozen in a fall. What a bizarre place. Oh, who’s that resting beneath the willow tree? Why… It’s Diane Marviere! Look at her- all content while staring at the sky painted with clouds and stars. Not a care in the world at all. Nor a clue as to where she was and how she got there. Now she gets up to sit in the swing that was weaved from the wispy branches. “Not a thing to do but… I am okay with this,” Diane thinks to herself as she begins lightly swing to an’ fro. “How long have-” She blinks and hops off of the swing, landing clumsily in front of two figures stumbling into them. But she was met with warm embraces.

“Ma, Da! I was almost lonely…” It was her mother and father indeed though they never say a word. Diane didn’t mind, all she needed was their hugs and smiles. She lets go, stepping back sheepishly. But wait- there’s another figure! “Still fishing in the grass, Ashthra?” And another! “Heeey Dyyynaaa.” Another! “Nice of you to visit again Mister Avisen- Oh, and you too Mister Ereleth.” My my, everybody that Diane knows is here! Teachers and fellow students, friends and enemies, Argentum Legion and even those darn orphans from when she was little orphan herself! Everybody is here! Though, just like her parents none of them made a single sound. Diane stepped back until she was sitting in the swing again then takes a moment to peer at all of the people. “This is weird- but neat! Still, why is everybody here this time?” No answer. She continues to peer at them gleefully then realizes they weren’t looking at her, but beyond her. Quirking a brow she turns around in the swing and sees something she hadn’t seen before.

“… Huh…” Another place, just under the moon, that was much darker. Diane stands and faces the weird anomaly then begins to curiously step towards it. She stops just before the darkness begins to show and raises her brows, blinking several times in confusion. This darkened area looked just like the area behind her but with no life whatsoever. The willow tree was twisted with its leaves dry and shriveled. There was no grass only hard, cold dirt. And the night sky was covered with a thick cloud of grey. Before stepping through Diane glanced over her shoulder to the mass of silent people staring then proceeds to the dead willow tree. She approaches a small, young woman slumped against the tree and crouches down next to her. The girl wore cloth- complete with a pair of gloves, a cape, and a little brown hood covering her head. “Everybody’s over there, y’know…” Diane says while pointing behind her and tries to get a look at the girl’s face. The girl pulls her hood completely over her face and slightly curls up. Diane purses her lips with brows furrowed then grabs the girl’s hand. “… C’mon,” she says with authority and pulls the girl up to her feet. “I don’t care what you think. You can’t stay here.” The girl remains silent as she is tugged towards the brighter side. “This place is just ridiculous-” Diane said just as she steps through to the bright side but feels her holding hand being tugged back lightly.

“Happy Birthday.”

Diane opens her eyes slowly then quickly sits up. “HEY DYNA I JUST TURNED EIGHTEEN.”


((Weird ending, I know. I’m missing a few details and I’ll fill it in once I get them. Again… RUSTY.))

{October Ninth}

((Note: This isn’t a journal.))

The burns on my face have been gone for a long while now. My markings are also gone. It was a severe wound but thanks to druidic healing and burn salves I was up within the week. Though I was completely healed I just could not focus- I… had to go. One of the Shadow Wardens suggested that I take my leave. “You have done well and the waves are dying down,” she said. So I stepped through the portal and did not even glance back. What was there to look back on. For about an hour or so I sat near the Shrine of Malorne, enjoying the air while thinking. Should I go back to Stormwind right away? Shaking my head to myself I called for Feo and flew to Astranaar. I felt it was not time to go back yet- I felt that there were things to be done first. It was night by the time we arrived and I was completely drained. I entered my parent’s house to find it untouched and dusty beyond belief. Not caring, I stumbled into the bed and blacked-out instantly. Woke up at the break of dawn, changing out of the ashen armor and into one of my mother’s old robes. I walked to my parents’ grave to pay the respects I had neglected for so long. But there was one more thing to be done. For a while I remained there, building a small monument at the foot of the grave- just for Atra. There I sat until sunset for it was time to move again. After changing back into the ashen armor Feo and I flew to Teldrassil. … And now here I lay in the forest where I shall be until I know it is time to go back and be with the world again. Soon.

{September Fourth}

The Molten Front was as chaotic as ever. Fire blazing every where… Commands shouting every second… The sounds of weapons striking whatever foe… But my mind felt at peace.

These waves were the most treacherous Faeir had ever encountered. They had broken through the front lines and scattered the back lines causing her, Atra, and a few others to be cornered by charhounds. The odds were against them but they did not falter for one moment. Roots tore up from the ground at the druids’ commands giving the strongest warriors the opportunity to strike them down. A couple of charhounds crumbled away into ashes but more stepped forward to take on Faeir and the rest. Faeir had been shooting arrow after arrow but that was not enough. Suddenly a charhound charges the huntress, knocking the bow from her grip. She recovers and pulls her polearm from its straps, just in time for the charhound’s jaws to lock around it. For a minute Faeir was tossed around like a ragdoll but she kept her grip strong on her polearm while trying to twist it. Then the charhound pauses with its mouth smoking and right away the elf knew what was coming but she was too late. A shriek of pain filled the air and Faeir fell back, writhing in pain. A roar followed after the shriek and Atra leaped onto the charhound before its lunge. The saber clawed at its skull as the hound shook stubbornly and for a while they scuffled. Until the charhound lost its footing and the both of them tumbled- right into a pool of lava.

As she burned, so did my body. As she melted, so did my mind. I felt the bond sever just before my vision of the burning skies grayed and the sounds of battle faded. She died protecting me. What did I do wrong?

{August Thirteenth}

For a week I was stationed in Hyjal, being taught how to take down our foes. Foes such as fire elementals, flamescales, and druids of the flame. What seems to harm the elementals the most is, of course, elementium. The arrows in my quiver right now- the arrowheads are made out of this metal and my spear is imbued with an enchantment that is used on wardens’ arrows.  Though while my arrows are much more effective we have to be true to our aim for supplies are short. And this armor that I have made is proving quite useful. None-the-less, I am ready.

How long has it been since I stepped onto the Molten Front? I… I do not know… I cannot tell if time flies by swiftly or slowly anymore. But one thing is for sure. It is hot as hell. This might as well be hell. Even though I am in the back lines there is little time for rest. One slip-up could mean the death of someone in the front lines and I will not let that happen, and it will not happen with Atra and Penn by me. … But every now and then I begin to see the faces that I miss. I miss him especially… I suppose I never really knew what I had until recently. I sometimes find myself filled with regret, thinking on all of the times I could have changed. Those times I could have smiled or laughed. I intend to change when I return home to my friends. Perhaps this hellish land will help me on my path to change, hopefully in the better sense.

I remember it clearly- as clear as the sky is on a warm, summer’s night.

I was near my tree, sitting on the edge of the cliff with the waves crashing way below. Atra was resting by my side as I gazed at the rising moon. And just then Penn returns with a letter in his beak.

I was sitting at the Pig and Whistle drinking cherry drink, hoping that Ashthra would show like he always does. It was quiet for once and I rubbed my head nervously like I always seem to do. A letter falls out of my hood.

I plucked the letter from Penn and looked at the wax seal. It was from the Silverwing Sentinels. I stood up and walked to my little home as I opened the letter. My heart ached as my eyes read the Darnassian text.

I squeaked. I knew it was from Ashthra because he had his weird ways. Finally finishing the last bit of the cherry drink after an hour of drinking I rip open the envelope. Of course it didn’t make any sense.

My Shan’do was dead. Danlaar Nightstride was slaughtered. His corpse, left rotting on the over-taken Silverwind Refuge. I was filled with rage, but I read on. After the Shattering the Warsong Orcs seized the opportunity and began relentless attacks against our eastern holds of Ashenvale. They have been pressing on Astranaar for weeks now. I was called for war.

It was from Ashthra and he wanted to show me something. The letter instructed me to meet him at Olivia’s Pond on the twelfth toll of the bell. I wondered why but at the same time I wasn’t surprised. After rubbing the sides of my head I started off with questions swimming in my mind.

I glanced to Atra then to Penn. They knew for I knew. I leapt onto the tree and changed into my uniform as quick as I could. I had to catch the next ship- but I stopped. I felt I could not leave without telling my friend, Drayde. After cleverly hiding my items in the wood of the branches I bounded along the wall of Stormwind in search of him. After a while of running around like a mad elf I took the tram to Ironforge. Lo and behold, he was at the Vindalis residence.

I don’t know for how many hours I was staring at the broken side of the clock tower but I managed to show up on time. Though, I was baffled. Mister Hector was there and Ashthra was holding a large jar. I couldn’t make out what was inside but it looked dreadful from where I stood. The Death Knight and the Surgeon-Angler-Business Man were quietly talking to each other before Ashthra noticed me approaching. I could hear the clock tower’s out-of-tune bells.

Drayde was talking to Mayru on the balcony. I stood below them for a moment and saw that they did not notice me. So I silently moved out of their view, to stand by the windows right below them. I could hear what they were saying. Drayde was asking how he should confess his feelings to a woman- a friend of his. As time went on it was later revealed in the conversation that the woman was me. I felt fluttering in my chest. And in that moment Drayde was at the side staring at me. He asked me how long I had been waiting and of course I reply with not that long. He began to back away. I walked after him as if I had heard nothing. Before he could run I told him that I had to go back home for a while. After a quick thought he took my hand and led me back to the Stormwind docks.

Ashthra handed the large jar to Mister Hector before walking to me. He stared down at me and I had to lean my head back a bit. Gosh, was he tall. But anyways he asked me how my day went- like always. How my studies were going and how well the guild’s papers were handled. I told him it was my day off. His mask moved slightly, and I hoped it was a smile. I like it when people smile. He ruffled my hair under my hood and turned his back to me. Mister Hector had been using that undeath magic with the jar while we were talking. Then Ashthra told me to stay where I was. He walked towards the jar as I stared, confused. Mister Hector had suddenly disappeared too. He’s good at doing that.

Atra and Penn were waiting on the deck for it was about time to set sail. I stepped onto the ship quickly and to my surprise Drayde had boarded as well. My two friends hurried into the ship’s hold. Neither of them liked the seas. I stayed on the upper-deck with Drayde as he told stories. They were very odd stories. For what seemed like minutes was actually days. The ship stopped at one of the docks of Teldrassil and he remained on the ship while I stepped off with Atra and Penn. I turned to face Drayde. He wished me luck but I cut his words short with a quick kiss to the cheek. I took a step back with the biggest smile I had ever worn in my entire life.  Then, I ran. That was almost the last moment I would have had with him.

Something was coming out of the jar. It was definitely dead- well, undead now. It was wearing leather armor similar to Ashthra’s but it was black and blue instead of purple. Ashthra was holding two pistols. When did he get those I wondered. I shuffled my feet quietly from where I stood and gripped the sides of my cape. I felt really really nervous for a reason I didn’t know. Ashthra started to give one pistol to the corpse but it held up its own. Some things I’ll never figure out in this world. He tossed the spare pistol into the pond then faced the corpse. It suddenly hit me. I knew what this was, I’ve read about them in books. It was a duel.

A short boat ride and a few hours of riding Atra I began to see smoke in the distance. Immediately I knew it was from Astranaar. My heart paused for a moment then I sprinted towards my home. A Sentinel noticed my frantic self then guided me to our gathering forces on the battle field. I was positioned in the back lines which made me feel hesitant in a way. I wished to fight alongside my mother and my father but I remained silent. Horns bellowed in the distance. It was time. Penn took to the skies to be my eyes from above as the lines sped towards each other in rage. Atra ran beside me with the rangers to get in our positions. Then I saw them. Forgetting what I was taught in battle I grabbed my spear and forced my way towards them. I was a few yards away from my mother- a Priestess of the Moon. She healed the warriors around her while my father, a Druid of the Claw, swiped foes away with his majestic paws. I began to move towards them but I was suddenly overwhelmed with pain.

It all happened so fast. Ashthra and the corpse stared at each other for a while then they turned around. Both of them were supposed to turn around but only one of them did. And that was Ashthra. A crack of the gunshot filled the air. I became very still. Smoke left the barrel of the corpse’s pistol that was aimed at his back. Cheat. Cheat. Cheat. Ashthra stumbled then turned to face the corpse while aiming his pistol at it. But he fell to a knee. The shot was aimed all too well. The corpse walked over to him and placed the barrel of its pistol against Ashthra’s head. The pistol was supposed to have only one shot. I felt petrified but I suddenly found myself blinking towards the corpse to tackle it away. My hands swirled with fire as I sat up and started to punch at the corpse’s face. I felt furious. I was so mad. So much rage. I don’t know how long I was punching for but it felt like an eternity as I yelled with hate. I stopped when another shot was fired.

The world grew quiet and dark. The only image I could see was mother’s face. She was staring in horror as I fell to my knees. My whole being trembled with my scream of terror. Pain was in my body. And pain was in my mind. But there was no blood. Father let out a roar of anger as he leapt on the Warlock behind me, tearing his throat out with his massive claws. Mother rushed to me and slowly I could feel a comforting warmth, but it suddenly stopped. I weakly looked up to mother and saw a dribble of blood at the corner of her mouth. With a sickening twist the rugged blade left her body and she fell limp on top of me. Pain started to surge though my body again as tears streamed from my eyes. I could feel her shallow breaths slowing, her beating heart slowing. I could feel her warm blood. Father bellowed as he took down the Orc and charged into the lines, blinded by rage. That was the last time I saw him among the living. Mother whispered into my ear. My eyes closed at her last heart beat. All was quiet.

A sharp pain then a warm sensation in my stomach. But that was my blood. I looked at the smoking barrel for only a second then the rot kicked me away. The fire around my hands dimmed while I slid to a stop and blankly stared at nothing. The rot stood and walked over to Ashthra to finish what it’d started. It placed the pistol against his head. I felt like I could do nothing. I was wrong. A fireball hit the rot, making him stumble away from Ashthra. I was sitting up- my hand smoking and my stomach seeping with blood. The rot looked at me then disappeared. Letting out a pained squeak I crawled towards Ashthra. He was lying on his back in a small pool of blood that started to trail towards the pond. I knelt next to him, my eyes stinging with tears. He began to speak to me as I held his hand with both of mine. He was dying. The man that I consider my father- was dying. His hand searched for something in his bag. A few items fell out but he weakly grabbed a pocket watch and a necklace with a purple crystal. He gave them to me while speaking his last words. Ashthra went still. I held the back of his hand to my forehead, screaming.

“Live, my daughter.”

“Every story has the same ending Diane, and it’s quite simply us falling down.”

If only I had been patient.

If only I had been quicker.

They would still be here. And everything would be fine. I felt like there was no reason to go on.

I found somebody.

Somebody found me.

I have a reason now.